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The Antique Heart Pine Mini Chest and
Antique Heart Pine Mini Bungalow Chest.

~ Built from the last remaining wood from the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalog Building, the largest woodframe building the world.
~ Each one is individually made in Wasilla, Alaska, by Hartvigson's.
~ Original Mini Chest features tapered endbell contouring.
~ Approximate measurements of the Original Mini Chest: 12.5"L x 6"D x 3"H.
~ Mini Bungalow Chest features Greene & Greene-style joinery and gabled shape.
~ Approximate measurements for the Mini Bungalow Chest: 12.75"L x 7"D x 4"H.

For expanded information about the history and significance of this unique wood, please click here.

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Photographs of the Antique Heart Pine Mini Chest and Framed Photo by Frank Flavin.

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